Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burning a Hole in my Credit Card

In preparation to getting back to Vienna, I am buying so much stuff it is unbelievable.

Seriously, I can't be stopped.

To streamline the moving/flying process every 6 months, I have been winnowing down my possessions each time we land somewhere.  So I am making up for lost items.  AND...

Cdubs is always growing and clothes here are so cheap and cute (comparatively) I stock up for 3 seasons and 2 sizes ahead of time!  Grandma is always helping too.  AND...

Now that I am not in maternity clothes, nursing clothes, pre-pregnancy work clothes, and I can't fit a LOT of my pre-preggo casual clothes (stupid flub), I need new clothes.  So the point comes:

WHAT DO YOU WEAR!?!?!  When you don't want to be this size, need to be able to run around with a kid, travel friendly, and still cute!?!?! 

I would appreciate any ideas.

My wallet wouldn't.


Jessi said...

Athleta has some great "workout" pants that I wear with Gap tshirts and a cardigan. Also check out Gap Body. All comfy but still pulled together. And I love my Pumas. Great for comfy, but not touristy white tennis shoes.

Jessi said...
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Krystyn said...

Ummm..yeah, I don't look don't ask me.

My mom bought me a bunch of trendy/baggier short sleeved shirts and I've just been wearing a solid long sleeved one under it.

Anonymous said...

Leggings or jeggings.. and tunic tops =)