Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another hotel room, another beer***aka. TRS and Google can't spell

Just days after cutting a sliver of a tooth, Cdubs has loosely agreed to come on a couple of trips with us before we head home on Sept. 19th.

Today, we are in Ljubjana*, Slovenia.  And no, I can not spell that name without the help of Google.
*Kdubs just informed me that even Google got it is Ljubljana....something like that.

It is a very small but very pretty city.  It is like all major European cities: it has a picturesque countryside, nice city center square, and a river in the middle.

But Ljubs is like a European city meets Epcot.  It is so clean and almost too picturesque.  It seems like the metrosexual of all the Eastern European cities: well groomed to a point of questionability.

However, tonight, Kdubs is out to a work dinner and I am in a hotel with a sleeping baby, my Kindle and the local beer: Lasko.  It is pretty good.  Def. in the top 5 beers of the Eastern bloc.

Tomorrow, we leave for Zagreb.  Until then, I bid you zbogom (goodbye) and sre─Źno (good luck-in Slovenian).


Erin said...

Mmmmmmm I will be partaking ina beer later when Emery goes to bed :)

Cita Online said...

This post made me laugh out loud. At work. People stared - thankyouverymuch.