Friday, July 09, 2010

We be travelin'

As soon as we got back to Vienna, we had to start traveling for Kdubs work.

Our itinerary for the 9 days:
Train from Vienna to Warsaw (8 hours)
Warsaw for two days
Train from Warsaw to Krakow (5 hours)
Krakow for two days
Krakow to Prague (8 hours)
Prague for two days
Prague to Vienna (6 hours)

It was a full schedule.

The baby was a wonderful traveler and a less than stellar sleeper.
We are back and working on sleeping through the night again.

I will be posting pics from our trips coming up, but here is a picture of Cdubs to tide you over:


Erin said...

Oh goodness! She has changed so much! So precious! Our babies are getting too big!

Cita Online said...

Wow! She's adorable. What a beautiful smile!! She posed perfectly for the camera, way to go Mom :-)
Hope you're able to get some rest soon!!

How's dad?