Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dad's big heart***update***

So, my dad is going through heart surgery tomorrow.

He was diagnosed a few years ago with a genetic disorder called hypertrophic cardiacmyopathy.

Tomorrow, he goes through open heart surgery to thin the middle wall of his heart.

To say I am scared, is an understatement....I am scared sh*tless.

When he left on Sunday...and he said, "well if I don't see you next week, I'll see you in a 50-60 years in heaven."

This is why I hate him and love him all in the same moment.  He is hilarious and strong and wonderful.

This was him while I was laboring: cool and calm and collected.
That is my dad.
Until he walked in the room with my legs up in stirrups getting stitches after labor...he blanched and turned tail so fast...he doesn't love blood or me being hurt...

But he loves Cdubs.
He gave her her first nickname: Monkey baby.
He walked into the room and said, "where is my monkey baby?"
He is so great with her.  He is the first one I left Cdubs with for any extended time (a dentist appt.).  He loves to put her in the crook of his arm and rock her in the chair and "bristle" kiss her on the back of her neck.  

He is a glue, a lubricant, a teddy bear, a comfort, and an inspiration.

Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.

***Dad is out of surgery and doing well--thank you for your prayers***


amanda said...

he sounds wonderful.

thinking of all of you today - love, hugs and prayers.

Erin said...


Cita Online said...

Wow! I shared your post with my dad. Much love and many, many prayers.

Anonymous said...

Prayers goin' up over here :)

Krystyn said...

So sorry I'm so behind... and yet, so glad to know I came in knowing that it went well and he's recovering!

What a good dad and grandfather you have for many, many more years!

The Mrs. said...

hope he's only getting stronger as the days go by!