Monday, May 31, 2010

Cdubs first solid food

Cdubs had her first solid food a week ago...delicious delicious rice cereal ala breast milk.
And you would have thought the girl had tasted nothing better in her life

I am not really sure where to go from rice cereal. 
we are doing a little bit in the morning and a little bit in the evening.
That judgey look is just for my mom, who is taking pictures..."don't get in on this, Lolly!"
***I love that she tries to guide my hand to her mouth***
Proud dad looking on...she never looks away or seems full...this chunk loves her food!

I don't know where to go from here...when do you start the next type of food? How long? What should you start with? It is a fun new world we are embarking on!  Advice needed!


Krystyn said...

Butternut squash? Sweet potatoes? Green beans? All favorites here. Even avocado is good. I think it's recommended to wait like 3 days before introducing a new one.

What a doll.

marism said...

Avocados are great... if they're too thick, mix with breast milk (yuck, I know), water, rice cereal, or whatever. Oatmeal is also good. Squash, carrots, peas, green beans are all good choices. G likes anything she can pick up herself and put in her mouth, so peas are a favorite here.