Friday, May 07, 2010

1st Excursion: Budapest

This week, we went on our first excursion to Budapest, Hungary.  It is three hours away from Vienna by train, which was Cdubs's first train ride (see right-she seems really pleased, right?). 

It was a nice train trip, and she was very well behaved.  She is slowly becoming less and less tolerable to sleeping or eating while things are going on around her.  Kdubs was great with her and played with her, letting me read and relax a bit.
Kdubs is what I like to call a tourist-from-hell.  He has to see a million things and runs around town checking things off his "must-see" list.  He is not leisurely, he never dallies, and he never takes it easy.  We are very different tourists.  I love to get up late and soak up culture.  I love to tackle maybe two things in a day and really get to know them.  While neither of those two ways works really well with a baby, she somehow let us both compromise in a way we haven't been able to before.   We knew that we couldn't stay out all day and night seeing things (like Kdubs would like to), but if we were going to see anything we needed to tackle it while we could.  So we went and took pictures in front of the big monuments (checking things off ala Kdubs), but spent a lot of time near our hotel in case someone needed anything (more my style).  We saw so much and Cdubs did great...because, well she napped through most of it.

The only bad thing I have to say about Budapest is that their idea of a/c is a joke!  It is like an elephant's hot breath is circulating the air in the room. 

Traveling with an infant was challenging and continuing a bedtime routine is a joke, but it could have been worse.  We are back in Vienna for a few days and then we leave for the States in 6 days!!!!

I am so excited to go home for a bit, but transatlantic air travel with an infant is never calm and with the Icelandic atmosphere, I am simply praying for no delays and safe journeys.  Everything else is gravy...maybe that should be my new saying.

Here is what C thought about Budapest:


Cita Online said...

She's beautiful!! Love the big smile.

Erin said...

Such a cutie. I love her bib! :)

Janos said...

I like Budapest, too!

Emily said...

Linked over from Krystyn's blog...what an awesome life you have!

Formerly Gracie said...

My best friend and I had a fantastic time in Budapest when we visited in college. Some parts were a bit sketch at the time, which made it more of an "adventure" but not something I would have wanted to tackle as a mom with kids in tow. Your post makes me want to reconsider :-)

So glad you had a great time. Keep us posted on your travels. I'm still living vicariously through you.

Pages' Page said...

Seriously, the best baby smile I've ever seen. Spencer does not believe in smiling once a camera comes out.