Monday, April 19, 2010

Medical Questions

One of my biggest fears with a baby is that she will get sick.

Not just THE BIG SICK...I mean the little sick that she will get.

Even though, I made a deal with her two months ago that if she never got sick until she was 60 then I would give her a million dollars.

So, in case she renigs on my deal,  I need to ask all you experts out there what do you do when:

It is the middle of the night (no 24/7 pharmacy here either, so this is pre-planning) and...

1.) the baby is throwing up (do babies throw up?)
2.) the baby has a fever (below the take the hospital line-which I forget what that is now, but I have it written down in her medical book, I swear).
3.) she has diarrhea.

Any other ailments I haven't thought of?

I am making my list of new over the counter medicines to bring back when go to the states next month...because NOTHING here is over the counter.  Not even tylenol or vitamins.

So give me any medical wisdom you got people!


Erin said...

Yes, babies can throw up. Just make sure they get plenty of liquids.
Give tylenol when they have a fever.
Diarrhea, again plenty of liquids.

Krystyn said...

Until 6 months, only tylenol really for anything.

And, maybe pedialyte for diarrhea, but usually you just keep nursing.

Not much to give them when they are under one.

Oh, and yes vitamins, like poly-vi-sol (I think it's called)...breastfed babies supposedly don't get enough vitamin D.

And, sometimes a good luke-warm bath is good for a fever.

amanda said...

a) knock on wood we have still not had official throw up. but yes it can happen.

b) lots of snuggles and if you have doctors permission good ole tylenol. and k is right - bath's r great!

c) just lots of mama milk - it will eventually run its course. we also did little bits of water. the key is liquid.

Trey and Cheri said...

I agree with the others. You might also want to be prepared for a cold. My 5 month old has had 2 colds. We use simply saline and run a humidifier with vapor bath in her room.

McMommy said...

Can you send me an email reminder to send you something? Because my doctor actually wrote down a cheat sheet for me once upon a time and it is AWESOME! I will scan it to you.

But you know I'm totally going to forget the minute I walk away from this laptop b/c my kids are going to start with "I'm hunnnnnngry" and then I'll have to go make dinner, and then if I'm making dinner, I'll want to open a bottle of wine and then if I have a glass or two, I'll COMPLETELY forget all about my cheat sheet that I promised you.

Susan said...

I know all about throwing up. My little boy is champ at it!! If they throw up don't try and feed them again until their next scheduled time or wait at least an hour before you try again. For the fever, Tylenol is best choice and a bath. For diarrhea just make sure they get lots of fluids.

Emily said...

I always just make sure my babies got a little sun each day...that's how humans absorb vitamin D.
Babies can throw up, but it's not very common for infants to get a tummy bug.
If she has a fever...tylenol.
And diarrhea, think about what she (or you, if nursing) ate. It could be that it just didn't agree with her. Or she could just have a touch of something...diarrhea usually doesn't last long. Just makes sure to give her liquid (or nurse more often) to keep her hydrated.
I remember being worried about these same things with my first!