Monday, December 08, 2008

Style Fyle: Chunky Shoes

The Chunky Shoe. Friend of yours truly in her 1990's angsty teens. Oh I loved me some Doc Martens. But like many trends in the 90's, they just don't flatter. The only people who currently rock this trend are Bratz dolls...
...or hookers. But really aren't they one in the same?

Chunky shoes draw the eye downward, which really serves no purpose...unless you need a paper bag over your head and none of my beautiful readers need that.

If you suffer from chubby calf syndrome (CCS), such as myself, then a chunky shoe really does have the advantage of giving an hour glass shape your lower legs. Aces! just what you wanted right?


Well, if you do suffer from CCS here are some shoes dos and don't I've picked up:

Ankle straps
Unlike this lithe model, when you have some width to your calf, you want to avoid any ankle-strap because they shorten your leg and highlight the width (esp. with a knee length skirt)

Pointy Toes
Yes, they may help elongate your leg and detract from CCS, but if you have extra long feet (like me-size 10.5!) they just make you look extra long...and for some reason I like people to say, "wow, I didn't realize your feet could be used as water skis!?! So I try to detract from their gargantuanesss. Also severe pointed shoes like this one creep me out. Personal preference on that one.

And finally, the reason we are here: Chunky Heels. These were more popular in the 90's, but now most large square heeled-high heels look dated and again draw attention to the calf.

Here is my ideal Maryjane!!!

No, not that!!!! That is Bratz territory. Speaking of, did you hear the good news: No more Bratz! I guess Happy Hour Sue is going to need to get honeys for Bathroom Gangsta some place else.

Now, for shoe perfection:

Nice heel, low strap, limited point!!! Love me some Piperlime!


Jenny said...

Too cute! Love the Piperlimes! And, no more Bratz? Thank you so much for sharing that news! I had not yet heard, and my heart is swollen with glee! I am so relieved that I will not have to have that fight with my daughter. She already knows that mommy doesn't like them. What she didn't know yet, was that this is a "Ban the Bratz Zone". Thank you, Mattel, for fighting that battle for me! :)

Krystyn said...

Thanks for the tips..those shoes are great. But the price? Notsomuch!

Do you think I could blog about them and do a review? hmmmm?????

Anonymous said...

Call us crazy Miss TRS, but we're betting your 'chunky calves' are actually what we would call 'shapely' and kill to have... just guessing.

Those are really good tips! (The Bratz pink are too awful!)

Glad you popped by to enter our giveaway!

the ben show said...

I was also a ridiculous fan of chunky shoes... Those last shoes are sublime!

GranolaGirl said...

love those shoes-- and your new look!

Any chance you're going to be in SC for Christmas?!?

The Mrs. said...

yikes those bratz dolls are scary. They make me thankful that I have boys.

Kaylen said...

I am obsessed with latest designer shoes. And Piperlime is my favorite store.