Monday, November 03, 2008

Things I Hate-Episode 1

I really hate when people think they are speaking the complete and utter truth because their mouth is open. That what they say is not only important, and not only valid but more important and more valid than what I am saying.

See the conversation below as an example:

TRS: I love fall tree colors. They make me happy
Person: The best colors are in the Northeast
TRS: oh, these are nice. And I've always loved the colors in SC/NC
Person: But they are nothing compared to New York and Connecticut
TRS: well, that is an opinion
Person: No, it really is better. I have seen them all. I know.
TRS: Well, I will always love Jones Gap, Stone Mountain, etc.
Person: yeah, but it is better.

See, what I am saying?!?! No concessions for what I am saying. That person is always right, and I am supposed to just say, "By George, you must be correct and I must be wrong!!!" Yeah, that is not happening.

Sorry to have a 'tude. But I don't like it when people always think they are right...that is my job.


Curtis said...

TRS, you really need to go Eastern Tennessee for the best leaves...

I hate it when grandparents make everything about them and the grand kids and leave us parents out of the picture. For example,

Me: Oh this is a good picture of the grandparents and grand kid #1
Grandparent A: That is how it should be.
Me: (speechless)

Kim H. said...

Wow - that person really has no social skills. Geez!!

Being from Texas - I can't say that I've ever seen the fall colors - so any of them would be beautiful to me!

Well I Do Declare said...

I know some people like this. It is almost like they just like to argue. We had two friends who were especially like this in Law School, and it was always funny to see their interactions. They would argue with you if you said the sky was blue!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously can't stand when people have to have the best, be the best, their way or the highway. It's annoying. and like you I am partial to the VA/NC/SC colors!!

Anonymous said...

Want me to kick anyone for you?? I'll do it! Hang in there!

Adcock Circus said...

I am headed to the NC mountains this weekend and hope to see the fall colors! Although they may be all covering the ground by now, does not matter... even on the ground the Carolinas have by far the best leaves! Three words - Blue Ridge Parkway!

the ben show said...

I also hate that. I hate it when I'm like (example) "Steve Martin was so great in Roxanne" and someone is like "That was Martin Short."

oooh, don't step to me on actors, especially Steve Martin.

Krystyn said...

Well, clearly, you are wrong, then! Right?

I don't even understand why somebody would argue that!

The Mrs. said...

The georgia mountains have some BEAUTIFUL colors.

I'm in the north east and while the colors are nice, it doesnt quite make up for the long ass winters. just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You know Miss RS, it would appear they are engaged in the dreaded "listening to argue," as opposed to "listening to learn." And that makes them completely obnoxious.

Happy weekend,

because I said so said...

I live in NC....we are better

because i said so!

(and because you said so too...)