Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A non-Mom request for a future Mom

My friend just announced she is pregnant.
Yes, it is my friend, not me.
And no, it is not my "friend" version of me.
Just my friend, I promise.

But she asked me about what books my Mom-Bloggers recommend for pregnancy.

So I put it to you all out there: what books could you not live without or could have thrown at a pile of dog poo? She is looking for any and all "good" information.

Please help, she is only 6 weeks along and nervous. And alas, I am of no help, whatsoever!


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

You really can't go wrong with What To Expect When Your Expecting - it has a little of everything.

For a laugh, I love Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Baby Laughs is really good, too.

McMommy said...

To quote my girl Amanda....


Go out right now and buy her the Dr. Sears Pregnancy Book!!!!!! She will love it. Very informative without being scary.

Simply Shannon said...

I didn't have it when I was pregnant, but
Your Pregnancy Week By Week is a good one. So is The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy.
I used the Everything Pregnancy organizer too. I liked it a lot.

matt said...

So, what. Daddy bloggers don't have good opinions? Just because we don't actually LIVE through the pregnancy, we are still right there alongside you. We feel the pain. We understand the emotion, the hormonal roller coaster, the uncertainty and fatigue. We, too understand the needs of pregnant women. I resent that.

Tell her to get the following titles:

2007 ESPN Sports Almanac

Building and Designing Decks:
Step By Step Guide Detailing The Entire Deck-Building Process From Design Through Completion

Buffalo: Shot Placement and Trophy Evaluation


HP Camaro Performance Handbook: How to modify 1982-1992 Camaros for better, street-legal performance and handling.

Curtis said...

As a male, I liked Matt's suggestions. I didn't really read anything during Kristina's pregnancy. Instead, I played as much PS3 as I could because I knew that I would have to change that habit.

Kris read "What to Expect...". I didn't read any of it, but if I did, I would hope that it would have a chapter on how to expect your parents and in-laws to throw all rational thinking out the window and become an insane robot who is only satiated by being around the grandchild and ruining weekends for your 30 year old kids.

Parenthood is so difficult, and not because of the baby.

Liz said...

Is this her first pregnancy? If so, the "What to Expect..." book is a great first timers' pregnancy "bible". I read it cover to cover during my first pregnancy.

If she isn't into the WTE book or if this is a 2nd or later pregnancy, then "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" is awesome, too!

For humor, go with the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate all your helpful suggestions... Matt, yours made me laugh the most :) I'll have to point that out to my husband.

Alright, so I'll get busy reading :)


Susan said...

"Great Expectations: All in one" is the best!!! I think that it's better than "What to expect" because it goes by weeks not months.

Anonymous said...

I left you a whole (long-winded) post on my faves!

Erin said...

My sister said that she did not like "What to expect when you're expecting" because it had scary information in it.

She enjoyed one that was a week to week book. :)

★ Katie ★ said...

my friend gave me this book early on in my second pregnancy and it was AWESOME! i read many different books & incredible amounts of info online (signed up for every baby email i could) during my first pregnancy, and still learned SO much i never knew from Dr. Greene's book. Good luck to your friend!! :)

Krystyn said...

I liked the one from the Mayo Clinic: It was scientific without too many opinions (like I read one that said you should never work out). This one wasn't like that, just facts.

Jenny said...

Conception, Pregnancy & Birth, by Dr. Miriam Stoppard, aptly subtitled "the Childbirth Bible for today's parents". It was my best friend from October 2002-June 2003! :)

Cameron Clark Photography said...

tell her to check out my blog. I did a few book reviews about pregnancy books. HATED What to Expect When your Expecting. should be called, "let us scare the s**t out of you when your Expecting."