Monday, May 19, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday-Baby Fight Club

For all my mom bloggers out don't know what happens when you go out for a girls night, do you? Why, cause the first rule of fight club....

For more good laughs head over to Absolutely Bananas:


amanda said...

oh honey i LOVE it!!

soooo funny :)

thank u thank u thank u!!

can't wait to show the hubby!!

Stacy said...

Too funny! I love the guy wearing his baby bjorn backward and all bad-a$$.


McMommy said...

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

First of all, you just quoted one of McDaddy and I's most favorite movies ever.

Secondly, that had so much funny in it, I about peed my pants.

I love the red bull in the bottle and the guy wearing the baby bjorn backwards like a bad ass!!!!!!!


The Apron Queen said...

Pop on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen to check up on the $50 vintage apron giveaway! You're a semi-finalist! Woo Hoo!!

trying said...

too funny!

i left the boys alone to meet up with a friend for dinner. dash-1 was so excited to have a boys night. when i came home they were sitting in their underwear eating icy pops. oh how the boys nights have changed over time.

Cita Online said...

MADE my morning.

womaninawindow said...

OH MY GOD! Where have you been hiding? This was freaken hilarious! Something even my husband can sink his teeth into! Great!

Lipstick said...

Hysterical!!!! (and I do love hearing Eye of the Tiger)