Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lord Knows Why #1: Supposed To

I figured I would start a new series of posts called: Lord Knows Why (I do the things I do). These will be my opportunity for me to explain some nuances and quirks about myself...and boy, do I have them.

The first "Lord Knows Why" is about my hatred of the phrase: supposed to.

Meaning: "Aren't you supposed to be going to class?" "Aren't you supposed to be wearing a dress?" "Why aren't you doing THIS?" "Shouldn't you be doing THAT?"

I think I finally figured out why I dislike it. When someone says, Supposed To...they are really saying, "I thought you were going to do THIS, why aren't you?"

I hate A.) not living up to people's expectations and B.) doing what I'm told when I'm told how I'm told to do it.

I would never work in the military life, obviously.

For some reason this phrase just drives me crazy...I just feel bad about myself but worse...I react badly. I just want to bite the person's head off...and say, "YOU DON"T KNOW ME!" "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

Yup, that's right...I am a two year old.

*UPDATED: Even Lea acknowledges that blogs are used to blow things out of proportions in entertaining ways...I don't know if this was entertaining but at least I know it is blown out of proportions.

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