Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to Spot a Non-Mom Blog

As some of you know, I go on the hunt for blogs. It is part of my search for GREAT BLOGS OF THE UNIVERSE. Yeah, I know I need to post a new segment of my searches, but my searches have been so much fun that I haven't had time to organize them. I'm being swamped in the mire of all the good (and sometimes weird) blogginess. Maybe, I should do another section of WEIRD BLOGS OF THE UNIVERSE, but I like to laugh at other peoples follies (ala. Elizabeth Bennett) so I might end up laughing at someone instead of with...so I'll stay away from that for now.

Anyways, I thought I would pass on a trick of the blog search trade: How to spot a Non-Mom Blog.

Now some of you guys are thinking this is obvious...does the blog have odes to Minivans, scanned crayon drawings, and a jam-flavored-stickiness on the screen? Then it is a mom blog. But you are wrong: some clever minxes don't wear their mom-ness on their blog sleeve. Or, gasp, they have a non-mom blog and a mom blog elsewhere. So here are some tricks to deciphering a non-mom blog:
1.) Are their pictures of kids in the header or pleas for sanity masking as slogans? Then your at a mom blog.
2.) Do they have a glossary of their kids names in a side bar? Some mombloggers are great at keeping their kids identity safe and give them fake names to hide them from those "to catch a predator" stalkers. Mom Blog.
3.) Can you scroll down more than 3 posts without a picture of a kid? Not a mom blog!

DISCLAIMER! You are probably asking your self: "Self, why is Alex so concerned with this?" or "Self, does Alex not like Mom blogs as much as non-mom blogs?" First, I am concerned because I don't want to forward blogs that are those strict "to connect my family with my kids" blogs out for the world to love. Secondly, I love mom blogs and learn so much from them. Sometimes, though, when I am going through the "I WANT A BABY MODE" it is best to stay clear of mom blogs so my uterus does not feel inferior. Ultimately, this classification system helps me categorize my blog searches in two ways: 1.) Can I learn for my future Mom-i-tude? 2.) Can I relate to this person in a "we don't have kids yet" way?

So, put these rules in your trusty fanny pack next time you go out searching for great blogs...and let me know any of your tricks when searching blogs?
(shhhh, I'll give you one of my secrets...I use my blog-regular's blogroll to start my search).


McMommy said...

Look, I may be a Mom Blog, but I don't care what you say....you can't shake me. You are stuck with me and my kids FOREVER. You can go roaming all over the south, but WE WILL FIND YOU and rub our sticky fingers and snotty noses all over you.
Love ya!!!

Lipstick said...

this made me LOL...If I had any doubt, here is the confirmation-I am a mom blogger!

Ashley said...

Just loved this post!!! And I'm in the same boat with ya...sometimes the mom blogs get me in the mommy mood!

Erin said...

You are freakin' hilarious!

trying said...

too funny! and sadly i fail your test on many levels. sigh. i feel like i should be sitting in a cheap folding chair in a semi dark room admitting to the world that I am a mommy blogger. sigh again. my lot in life! but i do get what your saying. i just hope you'll still drop by, you never know when there will be another post about underpants being flushed down the toliet. and we all need one of those stories every now and again.

i really enjoy your blog and post like this are why!

Anonymous said...

I'm making a suggestion that is also a shameless bit of self-promotion, but I thought you might enjoy my website -www.jackiepapandrew.com - which includes my humor writing and my blog. It's about equal parts mom stuff and non-mom stuff, but I think it'll make you laugh either way. I'm a nationally syndicated humor columnist and award-winning writer, as well as a mom. Let me know what you think...

Robin said...

Hmmm...how do you see me? Seriously :).

womaninawindow said...

I'm wearing my kid's poopy diaper on my head right now but HA, you can't see me. (Umm...shouldn't have written that.) Just kiddin anyway, if my 6 and 8 yr olds were in diapers...oh, i'd probably wear them on my head in protest. In your searches have you found THE BEST BLOG IN THE UNIVERSE yet? I'd be willing to look. Your sense of humour is delectable. And whose kid did you put through the regiments of Fight Club, if not your own?