Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Full Story

As way of background, I have many hats (theoretical and non) at the school. One of my "fun" jobs is posting pictures on the school bulletin board every two weeks. These usually are the pictures I have shot at the many different school functions I attend. It seems like a fun job, but it is a lot of editing, sorting, printing, cutting and pasting. But the students seem to enjoy it, so I do as well.

However, every so often, some student will take it upon themselves to take down a picture or deface a picture. This irks me to no end. I spend my time putting it up there, and they have the nerve to take it down without telling me. This bothers me for two reasons:
1.) I put the time in to do it...respect my work
2.) When they mess with it (even taking it down), it makes my work look bad (see: respect my work).

I know to you law students, this is a stupid job that you can just treat as if it is sweeping the floor but to me it is not.

Evidence of this treatment:

Last night, I took down the old board, which had the exam schedule on it. I took it down because graduation is Saturday and I did a 3L retrospective. Figuring most people would know when and where their last exam was, I did not think much of taking the schedule down (it usually is not put there to begin with...I was filling up space, to be honest and thought it would be nice).

I walked in this morning and noticed that someone had scribbled: WHERE IS OUR EXAM SCHEDULE?

Why they wrote that down on the board is beyond me?
Are they 2 years old and do not know the difference between paper on the wall and paper in their hand?
Are they a moron who doesn't know the difference between asking someone and asking a piece of paper?
Did they expect the wall to give them an answer or the exam schedule back? This is not Hogwarts, people. Inanimate objects do not have the ability to help you here.
Or is the likely case, that they are immature, lazy, and disrespectful? (I think we have a winner, Bob)

I was so irate (mainly, because I just got some good news-more about that later, was running to tell KW in the library, and saw about a crash). I immediately envisioned administering a Charlie's Angel butt-whooping to the culprit. My 4 in. heel would pin the idiot's trachea to my board...that would make me feel vindicated for the extra hour of work I would have to redo. I was so angry that I vented to...well...a lot of people. But my office soul mate understood my heel-inflicted-pain-plan, and made me this to put up on the board:
That is a shoe in the throat, fyi. Isn't she awesome, btw?

Some people thought it was crazy...I thought it crazy funny.
I did not put it on the board, instead I wrote an email to the students dripping with southern sarcasm. The final line read:

Thank you for continuing to treat the law school and the work of others with respect.

I think my mom would be proud.


K Renée said...

I'm proud of you. Love the stick figures, btw. That should at least make it on your wall somewhere.

McMommy said...

HA HA HA!!!! Your stick drawing is THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!

I would have also added..."If you don't know your exam schedule by now...your paddle is nowhere in sight and the creek's that-a-way. Good luck to you."

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I love the sketch :)

The Mom said...


Thanks for stopping by, isn't McMommy awesome for bringing more love by this new POW Friday...i'm enjoying your blog so much!!

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash said...

What an idiot??!! And this person is in law school? I thought you were describing a middle schooler the whole time. Too much! LOVE the stick person diagram. You really should put it up.

Cita Online said...

So good to see you this morning. And see the silliness in person.

See? I posted!

P.S. Check out my blog. It has begun. Help?

Kristen said...

I am here through McMommy!

The drawing is AWESOME!! I totally died laughing. :)

You totally should have hung it up. And I am sorry, what an idiot. I hope someday Karma kicks that person in the A**.

Robin said...

Know what? I knew what it was before you explained. Funny co-worker, you have :).

Is there a chance you can have that board encased in plexiglass? That's what we do at our kids' school (and no one gets hurt ;).)

The Ben Show said...

Crazy funny, for sure!!

GranolaGirl said...

That is some good ole Southern Smackdown. You go girl

trying said...

fantastic drawing. if your current career doesnt work out you should try a gig as a police sketch artist! : )

you would think that law students would have a certain amount of maturity not to scribble on someones hard work. i think it has a lot to do with a rise in self centeredness that is slowly taking over the world.