Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Decision Has Been Made

What decision you may ask?


I did Weight Watchers and martial arts last summer and lost about 15 pounds. But I've gained it back, yea me!

I want to lose that back and more. However, I can not really afford to waste it.
So here is what I am doing:

1.) Use Weight Watchers online tools
2.) Use my handy weight lose ticker in side bar as meeting weigh-ins. This will be my accountability
3.) Sign up for kickboxing (which I really want to do but it is $$) after I show some dedication to my diet and other excersice (one month of being on WW and going to the gym 4 times a week or 10 lbs., whichever comes first).

The reasons I am kicking this into high gear are two fold:
1.) I'm feeling not so attractive which really effects everything I do (I don't feel cute in clothes, I'm not as chipper, and I have zippo energy)
2.) I want to be a good weight/in shape when I get pregnant. I feel if I prepare myself for pregnancy now, it will be better for my body and my baby later.

So, Watch Alex Shrink and Watch that Bug Move!


Cita Online said...

I'm right there with you. Wanna be each other's accountability? I don't want to pay for WW meetings.

I might maybe even think about joining you for some kickboxing classes...

Lauren said...

I hear great things about Weight Watchers. Good luck!

I hope you have a nice weekend!

amanda said...

yeah for you!!

i know you will shrink just right :)

and for the record if you don't, i will still puffy heart you. casper buddies must stick together!!

Anonymous said...

Go Alex! You're burnin' butter, baby (please tell me you've seen enough Denise Austin work out DVDs to know this, ha ha ha)!

Kristen said...

Good Luck and you just might be inspiration to us all! :)

Amber said...

Come weigh in with me on my site on Fridays. I would love to hear your progress.

I have lost 20 so far. 20 that I gained since last fall. Bummmmmmmmmer to have to re-lose it all!

my wonderful men... said...

I think that's a great idea. Good luck I hope you do well with WW program. I know other who have done really well on it.

I need to drop some weight I put on this past year. My problem is just need to exercise.

Move bug move!

trying said...

good for you for having motivation and great reasons for doing something. i would like to lose some chunky butt too but... well im expecting motivation any day now.

Getting in shape before pregnancy is a great idea, going in with excess weight just means that there will be more to lose at the end.

good luck!

Buffalo Betty said...

Rock it out, Ariel! You're one fierce ramma jamma :)

Kate said...

Go you! I am really trying to lose about 15 pounds and it is so hard!

Heather said...

Good luck! Maybe I need to join you in your weight loss journey!

CaraDee said...

Everyone I know loves WW...good luck!
I just got Wii Fit. It is so much fun! I did some yoga

duchess said...

Good luck! I should do it with you & we could inspire each other.

Let me ponder the implications of actually working out & watching what I eat & I'll get back to you.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I love WW online. I lost about 7 pounds earlier this year with it. I need to start up with it again, maybe after I pig out this weekend :)

BookMomma said...

Good Luck!!! Way to jump on that horse!

WW is great. I also got my dr. involved and she was a big help - I've lost 60+ lbs to date. I was the worst eater and never, ever exercised. If I can do it - anyone can! And I mean that literally. I was a slob. I think it will always be something I have to watch and be careful about, but if I knew exactly how much better I would feel I would have done this years ago.

Go bug go!

(Here by way of POWs!)

3boys247 said...

I love WW. Good luck, I'll be back to see how you are doing. Remember to try not to be too focused on the scale, try instead to get your favorite shorts from last summer to fit better.

I would also like to lose 10-15 pounds, maybe we should start a weight loss blog? Track our results, congratulate others, etc.

McMommy said...

Holy Moly, girl. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Great, you are giving me a big kick in the behind, that's what you are doing. I would love to lose about 10 pounds.

But I really love my desserts.

ok, just tell me when the weight loss blog is up....count me in.

Mamasphere said...

I've been losing weight since February so we can start trying for baby number two. But I just went to Costco and seem to have backslidden. Um, can I join you once I finish these chocolate chip cookies (Costco's bakery is to die for)?