Monday, May 26, 2008

Checking In

So, How was this weekend so far?:

The Good: I have re embraced Weight Watchers and found some good low-points, tasty food:
1.) Egg white sandwich: 2 egg whites, 1 slice of lite wheat bread (grilled on a griddle with a tish of margarine)=.5 pts
2.) Veggie Wrap: Whole Wheat Tortilla, 1 slice of lite cheddar cheese, 2 tbs. of hummus, lots of onions, mushrooms, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and some spritz of balsamic dressing=4 pts. For extra flavor and less points: sautee the onions and mushrooms and spinach and heat the tortilla w. cheese (which allows you to forgo the hummus)=2 pts.

The Bad: Ate a tasty sandwich at Hardees with yummy yummy fries. I seem to be eating bad but have been trying to make it up with the low point snacks and working out more.

The Sweaty: I had to do a lot of walking both Saturday and Sunday (2-3 hours) and have played tennis with Ken (btw. we play low-impact and very bad).

How is your memorial weekend shaping up?


amanda said...

i should say yum to the tasty new low point treats you have been eating, but honestly my mouth started watering when you said hardees :)

sorry. i promise to be a better supporting bloggy buddy!

Lauren said...

The veggie wrap sounds really good!

K Renée said...

I've done at least an hour a day for the last week on the WiiFit... I do't think I could love a routine more! (Especially one that permits me to do Aerobics while I watch Charmed re-runs and lets me workout with you!)

The Hardee's wasn't that bad... I remember you begrudgingly sharing your fries with the hubby.

McMommy said...

I have no idea why I agreed to participate right before the Memorial Day Weekend!!

I have been terrible. Just terrible!

Can I start over tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Dang. That's a pretty durn good weekend, if I do say so myself. I'd love to join you. I need a week to go all out though. I'll get back to you next Monday :)


Anonymous said...

The veggie wrap sounds great. Thanks for the idea!

3boys247 said...

Yikes, are we starting already? I promise to be better this week.

The Good: I didn't have the cake at the Memorial Day pool party.

The Bad: I did have the cookie at party, and a burger, some chips, a few margaritas, etc.