Friday, March 07, 2008

St. Paddy's Poem

It's time for Pensieve's Poetic License this month, which I've missed up till now but follow diligently.

Guidelines are as follows:

Theme: none
Form: limerick
Additional: must include one or more of the following words: green, Irish, leprechaun, shamrock, Easter, Spring, kite, windy

So here is my contribution:

St. Paddy's: the day for green,
to drink beer, and act real keen
on shamrocks, and corned beef
and people we just meet.
For me it's every day of the year.

Yeah, people think I celebrate St. Patricks day in August so there you go!


Robin said...

So what you're tellin' me is you don't need no stinkin' excuse for drinkin' beer, wearin' green and apparently, you act keen all the time? N i c e ;).

GLAD you joined in this time around...your little rhyme made me grin :).

St. Patrick's Day ISN'T in August??


Jana said...

Well, Erin go bragh! (did I spell that right?)

Great poem!

Pamela said...

I'm trying to "listen" to this with a southern accent... (giggle!)
bravo bravo bravo.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

I hate green beer (though I have never tried it, it just sounds icky...kinda like green eggs and ham).
But a nice Guinness on St. Patrick's in August would be nice indeed. Perhaps we need to get the calendar changed?

Sandy said...

There's never a bad time to celebrate old St. Paddy, is there?

Good job.

Karmyn R said...

We're all Irish on St. Paddy's day right? Did you know that Guinness is trying to make March 17th a National Holiday?

Marsha said...

I have just enough o' the green in me to appreciate the desire to celebrate every day!

Great job!

swampy said...

Thanks! Now I had permission to wear green and drink beer 24/7.

Leigh said...

I suck at limericks. Impressive!