Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was just checking my Yahoo account and this is what I saw:

Study: Guys are clueless when it comes to reading women

It seems that Indiana University decided that they needed to waste thier money on this research. I bet that this is some sort of great scam. Some researcher petitions a research grant for something obvious...gets paid a TON...uses it for beer and rent...and says genius things like "UH...Guys aren't able to understand women because of SCIENCE!" And that also gets his girlfriend off his back for drinking all that beer.

A Scam I tell you.

I need to get on this.


Anonymous said...

I tell ya, A, you are SO right! This IS a scam. And not a thinly veiled one either!

Oh, and P.S. I am SO with you on the sitemeter obsession.

trying said...

wow... good money spent on ground breaking research. He very clearly is a guy who did not pick up on his gf or wife's clues and did the study so that he can claim science is excusing his behavior.

Leigh said...