Thursday, March 20, 2008

I should Quantify...err Qualify...

I feel like I should explain something about my "thinking about having kids" issue.

KW and I work, go to school, and live in a very Catholic school environmnet. Both our parents (well my parents are and his parents are quiet) are more progressive Catholics about birth control and having lots of kids early.

The people around here are not so much like that. They are wonderful people and really challange me to better my faith and religious conviction, but you can get lost in reality sometimes. And I have a hard time getting out of that mentality. I really had a hard time last year when all my friends here had 2 or more kids and were 3 years younger than me and thought it was weird that I was not actively trying. You can tell how it effected my blogging.

Anyways, I just want to thank those who offered encouragement and "outside" advice. I have a habit of being sucked into my environmental bubble. I really appreciate the reminder, "to do what is best for you" and "Trust God" with the "babies are wonderful!"

(I'm not really sure why people start with "BUT BABIES ARE WONDERFUL!?!?!" when you tell them that you are not sure about having kids THIS minute--I always want to say, "Really? I thought they were demon spawn sent to ruin me and my figure....Thanks for setting me straight." My sarcasm gets the best of me!)

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