Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Recap AND I'm only a partial dumba**

So this Easter, KW and I did our usual mass at the Veteran's Hospital. For those who don't know: KW started volunteering to take veterans to mass at our local VA hospital about 6 months ago. When he would go to get the veterans, I started helping set up the alter and all the other mass things. After awhile, both of us started to do readings and everything else. So now, we DO the mass...sometimes it is even just us and the priest.

The best is when we did the passion for Good Friday, which drew a chapel filling crowd of 20 people, WOOT! I had to do all the non-passion readings, which is a LOT...but for the passion, KW was the narrator which is A LOT MORE....and I had to be the crowd. This meant that I was saying, "Crucify him, Crucify him" Let me tell you having to say that in church will remind you what the season is about.

On a lighter note: KW laughed at me afterwards because in my hurry to read fast, as our priest asked me to do, because I evidently said "We condemn him [Jesus]" instead of the written "We commend him [Jesus]." Yeah, I love being stupid.

On another point of stupidity...you all are right, I was stalking myself. Sort of. My office is kushnerco.com, which means I was one of the people checking my blog, but so where my coworkers and friends from school. So that explains why it wasn't matching to my log in times. HA, so I am stupid but not as stupid as I thought.


trying said...

I think its wonderful that y'all are giving back and volunteering together. And I think its hilarious that you were stalking yourself. HA! Though I do have a bone to pick with you, I read your blog about site meter here and well.... now I'm hooked. Darn you!

Leigh said...

You are so funny!!!
And how wonderful to volunteer in that way. Cheers to you!