Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make me Laugh-a day late

Okay, I have been cruisin' the blogosphere and found Absolutely Bananas. It is absolutely hilarious.

She has started something to make me look forward to Mondays (even better than my short lived, More-than-less-Moot Monday). It is MAKE ME LAUGH MONDAY.

Now I don't have kiddos to laugh at, but I have youtube!

Here is a good Mom meets YouTube via Brooke Shields.

Happy Late Monday


Bananas said...

totally off the hook.
Thanks for the laughs!

texas_sweetie said...

passing thru southerner. check out my ww

Out of Words


Robin said...

I'm totally confused, but that doesn't mean I'm not grinning...bettah check myself before I wreck myself!