Saturday, January 26, 2008

Have You Ever: Hair Dresser

Have You Ever: Gone to the Hair Dresser and Come Out Thinking "OH, NO This is Not What I Wanted" But Said Nothing.

I have had several of these moments mainly because I will often just say "Oh, do whatever" and because I hate to say "THIS SUCKS FIX IT!"

Once was the infamous Carol Brady Hair

I had to go to three different hairdressers after to get them to CUT THE MULLET!

The last time was at my friend Crouton's wedding. As Matron of Honor, I was priveledged to get my hair done with the bride. I had wanted to wear it down but the hairdresser said that my hair would look limp (which was probably true) she went ahead "doing whatever!"....and it looked AWFUL!

I complained to the other bridesmaids, I think she might have heard and asked to redo it. And then I felt bad about whining too loud. She redid the whole thing...and it was just moderately better.

So, I put this to the blogosphere: Have you ever said to your hairdresser "Um, this stinks...fix it." Did it work out okay? or did you get the equivelant of a sneezer (ie. when you ask a server to take your food back in a restaurant and they sneeze on it).


Erin said...

Yes! I had a Mandy Moore short cut. She cut it shorter than I wanted. I cried, and cried, and cried! She knew better than to ever cut it short again! No matter what!

GranolaGirl said...

I would never have the guts to saw "fix it".. but I have walked away dissapointed though. Getting my hair cut is usually such a treat. I love getting it shampooed (it feels sooo good) and then being pampered and having it styled. Well, last time she called me the day before to say she had an opening, so I had to take both kids. Ruth was "supposed" to be sleeping, but she cried the whole time. No wash, no style, just a trim. And she charged me full price! I seriously wanted to ask if I could come back for JUST a wash and style sometime. By Myself.
I guess I learned a lesson.
And that's when I decided to give myself bangs, just for something fun and different.

Abbey Road -- said...

Never had anyone who did the finish (blow job, no pun intended) and it look the way I tell them or show them in a photo ... I gave up ... I get in the car and finger my hair all the way home ... then I wash it and do it myself. I did find a five-star colorist who is an expert at cutting, so I figure, what the hey ... two outa three ain't bad, huh?

Jasmine31 said...

I told the last hair dresser I don't think my dd's bangs look cut correctly (after she cut them)and she argued with me and told me that she can't "grow" bangs.


Thanx for stopping by my blog today.

Southerner said...

I went in with a hairstyle magazine with Meg Ryan on the cover and told the stylist I wanted it cut like that. Now, I had just spent 6 months growing hair so I could get it cut where the front layers were longer. She turned me around and cut away with the razor and all. When she turned me to do the back it was all cut off. She cut it like one of the other inset photos on the cover. I asked if she was doing Meg's cut and she said no, she was doing the other. She felt sooo bad and kept apologizing. Me, I didn't want her to feel bad so i just told her over and over that it is okay, hair will grow. I then tipped her and went to my car. I looked in the mirror and flooded the car on the way home. Can you believe i tipped her? Don't know why I had to comfort her. Never went back to her. But, truly it DID grow.