Friday, December 15, 2006

Blogspot Elves

For all those who blog:
Do you ever checkout your blog even though you have not posted anything in days? Some how I always think that some magical blogspot-elves will have posted something hilarious that I was going to post about but never got around to it...they would include great graphics and pictures from my digital camera that I never take anywhere. Wouldn't that be lovely? Someone writing about your life in your percpective but without the agonizing torture of having to actually do the work yourself?!?!

I think this is the surest sign that I might be laziest person in the world.


Robin said...

I just need a time machine...a squillion blog thoughts, but not a squillion minutes to get them from head to my lappy.

When you're not feelin' lazy, I think you're a pretty doggone cute blogger :).

Robin said...

I just noticed you went to Furman! I'm a Clemson grad, but you'll never see me post that at my site (so, shhhhhh, you know a secret :) ). LOVE Furman's campus, only been there once, but I'd love for my daughter (or sons) to go there! Gosh, don't you miss SC? And I'm only two states away.....:/.

Mieneke said...

I hear ya! I want an elf to take care of the posts for me until the start of my second trimester. I wonder if Ebay has them?