Wednesday, December 06, 2006

5 People for Dinner

Y'all know how much I love It has great celebrity gossip, fashion stuff, and fitness ideas. Well, they also have a giggle section where they post funny things found on the web. We the GiggleSugar has asked "who are the 5 people you would love to observe having dinner?" She said:
1.) jerry lewis
2.) burt bacharach
3.) bill o'reily
4.) rickey henderson
5.) little richard

But I have to say mine is a bit more devious:
1.) Rachel Ray
2.) Martha Stewart
3.) Colin Cowie
4.) Isaac Mizrahi
5.) My mom

I'd love to see the five of them duke it out over a fancy holiday dinner...See who could out diva who..."Let's use the silver napkin rings," my mom. "How about fashioning a rafia-holly deco for the napkin, it would be nice," Martha. "NO! lets go glitz, lets go GLAM! with Gold lame," Colin. Then a slap fight would ensue with Rachel screaming "yummo" and Isaac squealing under the table.

I want to preface this as showing that my mom could hold her own on the greats of party-throwing...and fist throwing...yeah, she's that cool.

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