Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

So this Thursday Thirteen things is supposed to be focused on things going on around me. At first, I thought I would start with what I miss about DC (since alot of my friends got together last night), but I wanted to be a Positive Penny and focus on the goodness of Michigan.

Thirteen Things about my life in Michigan

1. The temperature has not gotten above 85 degrees (and the humidity is nonexistent!)

2. I have told you about the gloriousness of my CLOSETS! (its not a great picture, but dang its huge! and I have 3 of them!)

3. I have actually started running (okay slightly running) around the neighborhood, because its not crowded

4. There is no sales tax on food at the grocery store! That doesn't seem like a big deal, but its still a good deal.

5. I have wireless internet! It makes blogging very easy

6. I have had some time to be crafty, and I love it! I have made some pillows to go with my guest bed!

7. I can now make a full dinner every night. Its been fun, and I am starting to get back into baking. WOHOO!

8. We are hopefully going to check out those Big Lakes they have around this state this weekend.

9. Target and Walmart are 5 miles away and right next to each other. So much better than the 45 minute drive in DC to either one.

10. Even though he is studying like crazy, we have had quality time each night when I make dinner and then we go on a walk. I also like dropping him off and picking him up for school. It gives us an extra bit of time together.

11.We have a great fireplace. I am so excited to crank that baby up in the winter.

12. Even though I miss my friends in DC, I am looking foward to meeting new people too.

13. One of the best things about moving to Michigan is having a new area to explore.

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Barb said...

Hello Roaming Southerner,

I'm new to your site but I assume you recently moved from DC to Michigan and weren't too sure you liked it. I've always heard Michigan is nice and I'd really love to see the Great Lakes someday.

I love your TT list - sounds like you have a positive attitude about the change and that will help you adjust more than anything.

Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I was a little overwhelmed by the response to the name game I posted and it took me a while to respond to everyone who participated. Thank you for visiting A Chelsea Morning. I really appreciated your comment on my WFMW idea. You should try it. Make double batches when you cook and freeze one. Gives you a free evening every now and then!

GranolaGirl12 said...

I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to come and visit. Those Michiganites are LUCKY to have you in the land of a thousand lakes. Can't wait to hear about your weekend exploring.